CV, and Theses (MSc, PhD)

MSc Thesis

PhD Thesis:

Summary of Qualifications

  • PhD in Molecular Biology (with Bioinformatics)
  • M.Sc. in Software Engineering
  • 7 years biology lab / research experience
  • 6 years programming experience
  • Hungarian: native
  • English: C1
  • German: A2

Professional Skills

  • Java – Dropwizard, Hibernate
  • Python – numpy, pandas, Bokeh, JupyterHub/Lab
  • JavaScript – NodeJS
  • Databases – PostgreSQL
  • DevOps / System administration
  • Docker
  • Test Driven Development, Automated unit / integration testing (Junit / Selenium)
  • CI / CD – Jenkins
  • reverse engineering
  • requirements engineering
  • Other experience in Kubernetes, C/C++, R, nginx, HTML5/CSS3, Hadoop / (Py)Spark, Rasa, AWS / Alexa skills development, Cordova cross-platform mobile app development

Personal Skills

  • Coaching / mentoring
  • Project lead / management
  • 5-years of university teaching experience
  • Natural leader and team player
  • Initiative thinking

Work Experience

Gerhardt Informatics Stuttgart, Germany

Software Architect 2017.06 – present

After moving to Germany, I became the right hand of the owner / CEO. My responsibilities (besides programming) involve coaching colleagues, project lead / management, conceptual software design, assisting in strategic business decisions, keeping contact with clients / requirements engineering.

Under my initiative:

  • the company started its internship program in collaboration with the University of Szeged
  • started employee satisfaction surveying, reporting
  • started regular team-building events, started internal training events

The main project – consuming approx. 75% of my time – I worked on is related to a client that is a major railway signaling and train equipment production company (among many other areas). Our project was to migrate one of their old simulation software written in Pascal from DOS to Linux. I was the leader of this project in our company. I focused on the understanding of the internal working of a two hundred-thousand lines codebase, using only source code and high-level documentation. I had to identify key points to change without breaking functionality. I also had to re-implement crucial parts (eg. low level PCI bus scanning and device enumeration), wich often included reverse engineering Assembly code. My duties involved keeping contact with the client to provide status updates, plan the project timeline, and to provide support. In my remaining 25% time I acted as general manger for the company carrying out duties mentioned above.

Gerhardt Informatics Szeged, Hungary

Software Developer 2016.02 – 2017.06

I started as a part-time developer that turned into full-time employment from 2016.06.

I worked on a Java and Cordova based project for a client in the hospitality business. The project aimed to provide a software solution that streamlined the hotel management for the staff and allowed guests to use a mobile app to do everything from checking in / out, opening their room equipped with a bluetooth lock, to adjusting the AC. The main portal backend used Dropwizard for providing a REST API and a web UI and Hibernate with Postgresql. The mobile application was a hybrid web app that was developed with Cordova.

I designed custom software for integrating various end user devices into the client’s central portal and mobile application (eg. bluetooth locks, chromecast devices (eg, custom mass setup desktop software, custom content broadcasting on check-in)).

As a side project we experimented with PySpark. We attempted to make real time predictions on public transport data from Stuttgart.

University of Szeged, Applications of Informatics Department Szeged, Hungary

Junior Programmer 2014- 2016.06

Working on thesis project: De-novo genome assembly of Next-Generation Sequencing data using HADOOP cluster. Coming with a background in Biology it was natural for me to choose a topic that was related to it. This was also the time of Hadoop / Spark along with Big Data so it only seemed logical to work with a new technology. I was responsible building a small Hadoop cluster, and develop an algorithm that did de-novo genome assembly on distributed data. In simple terms the algorithm had to reconstruct a big string from its overlapping fragments.

University of Szeged, Department of Medical Biology Szeged, Hungary

PhD Student (until summer of 2014) / PhD Candidate 2011― 2015

/ System Administrator (from fall of 2014)

Besides working on my PhD thesis I was building a mathematical and in-silico (computer software) model for a novel layer of gene expression regulation with which I won best poster award in a conference As a PhD Student I was also responsible to conduct practical lectures in different topics.

Harvard Medical School, Department of Systems Biology / Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering Boston, MA, USA

Research fellow 2010―2011

Conducted laboratory work to produce synthetic mAb806-Interferon-alpha construct against a specific type of cancer. I practiced common laboratory techniques, like gene sub-cloning.


University of Szeged Szeged, Hungary

M.Sc., Software Engineering, Cum laude (4.26) 2012― 2015

Thesis: De-novo genome assembly of Next-Generation Sequencing data using HADOOP cluster

University of Szeged Szeged, Hungary

PhD, Department of Medical Biology, Summa Cum Laude 2011― 2017

Thesis: Transcriptome analysis of Pseudorabies virus reveals selective regulation of different kinetic classes of genes

University of Szeged Szeged, Hungary

University Diploma, Biology – Molecular Biology specialization 2005―2010

Cum laude (4.42)

Thesis: Examination of the common roots of heavy-metal and antibiotic resistance in bacteria

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