Welcome to Nandor Poka – Bio / Informatics!

Originally a Biologist and an amateur programmer, I took on professional programming while pursuing my PhD, to become a full-fledged Bioinformatician. My Software Engineering Master’s thesis was ‘Processing Next-Generation Sequencing data using Hadoop’, and I have a PhD in Molecular Biology with some Bioinformatics.

In April 2019, I started the ComBINeS (Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Network Stuttgart) and later the Chatbots Stuttgart meetup groups. We have meetings in our office about every month. Recently, in late 2019, I started working on a bioinformatics related project in my free time, that has launched in February 2020. You can check it out at: https://data-hub.info.

Besides coding I like photography, I have an entry level DSLR, and mix music for fun.

Dr. Nandor Poka

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